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[Rewrite version]

Sorry for that mess.
I'm really stupid and dumb. I know.
Yeah..... I, again, really sorry.

So, what it's (have to be) about?
About dorms. It about dorms....

I was just thinking that, Is that a good idea?

Of course my dumb brain didn't listen and make it on it own.

So, what you think about that? Is that good or bad?

And about admins.
I send it to admins, by group, and they accept it.
I dunno why, becous it was dumb, but stil...

And again, really sorry about that first journal.
And my englis.
Google translator isn't the best idea.....

* Students Folder

This is where you submit a portrait of you with your high school uniform ^^

*Teachers Folder*
Where  the teachers submit their NGHS stuff :3
Our Teachers:
:iconpitterpaint:~ Our Art Teacher
:iconshrapnelleader:~ Our Professor in Equestrian Culture and Maps
:iconfaith-wolff:~ Our Language Arts Teacher
:iconhazurasinner:~ The Cosplay teacher

*The Principal and the Vice Principal
Things having to do with Kilala97 and Lopoddity ( NGHS )

Folders TBA

* Student Creations Folder
Where the Students of NGHS Submit their wonderful creations :)

* Teacher's creations Folder
Where the Teachers submit their creations

* P and VP Creations Folder
Creations by Kilala97 and Lopoddity

Any questions
Any questions? Feel free to ask :D
Rules to joining this group:

* You must have a Next Gen

* Please be Polite

* No rude comments

*Submit art in the correct folders

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